Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Rain rain go away come again another day.  It's raining today.  But my plants have been terribly neglected by me lately so they are probably pretty happy at the moment. 

We are moving our stuff into a storage unit on Saturday (I hope it's not raining then).  We're going to be sleeping here Satuday night and moving into the hotel on Sunday.  We figured that's one less night we have to pay for.  :)   After church on Sunday we'll come back here and clean, that way it's nice a pretty for the girl who's buying it. 

Today I'm staying home and working on laundry.  We are delivering our washer and dryer to the girl who is buying them, so I'm trying to make sure all of it's done before then.  The problem is I HATE DOING LAUNDRY!!!!!!!  I'm ok at the washing and drying.  It's the folding and puting away that I have issues with.  At least now the puting away consists of leaving them in the laundry baskets (because we have no dressers).  I think going to the laundry mat will be good for me.  It will force me to do it all at once, and living in the rv I'll have to put it all away because there will be no room to leave it laying around.

About 90% of the house is packed up.  I packed most of the kitchen today.  I can't pack the pots and pans because we still need to eat the rest of the week, but the dishes are packed and we'll just use paper plates until we settle down again.  As close as we are to moving it doesn't seem as though we'll get it all done.  But I know we will, some of it just has to wait until Friday to get done.  It's that stuff that is causing me stress now.

So now I need to go and do some more packing and cleaning. 

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