Sunday, October 25, 2009

Day 87

You know what is really irritating??? When you buy something and it's already broken or messed up. That has happened to us twice this week.

First I ordered our new dishes (we sold our old stoneware ones and got lighter more durable Corelle), they arrived two days before they were scheduled to.
 That was great, but when I opened the box and pulled them out the first dinner plate I saw looked as if it the design on the outside was still wet and was touched by something. Then the next dinner plate was completely missing the main color in the design. How does that happen??? I called Corelle right away and explained what was going on. They immediately apologized and offered to send us two new dinner plates to fix it. It wasn't "hey send us the messed up ones and then we'll send you fixed ones." They just fixed it. Awesome customer service.

Then yesterday we bought a new smaller vacuum. It has a telescoping handle that locks down for storing and raises back up for using. Well on this one the handle wouldn't lock in the up position. We would raise it and then it would fall right back down again. I guess I could have made Autumn do the vacuuming. :) Anyway, we returned it to the store and got a new one. We also put it together in the parking lot just to make sure the handle would work on this one (it does).

Ok, we had the final yard sale yesterday. We came with about three tables worth of stuff, and sold two tables worth. Whatever we had left we just donated to the church. So that's done. YAY!!!!!!

We started really packing things up today. We decided that we are going to get a small storage unit. At least until we make a trip back to Indiana and can take it to family to keep for us. We have some momentos from our marriage that we don't want to get rid of, but don't really use. We collect special glasses from restaurants that we go to. We are trying to go to all the Margarativille restaurants and get a glass. We have one from Myrtle Beach, Panama City Beach and Las Vegas. So only a few more to go. :)

So now I'm off to bake one last time in my kitchen. I'm going to make a gluten free Autumn (pun intended) Apple Cake. Until next time.....

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