Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Not Yet

Yesterday I dropped Autumn off at therapy and headed to Target. As I was walking in the door I got a text from Autumn's teacher saying that today was going to be picture day. One days notice??? So since I was already at Target I ran to the little girls section and found her a new shirt. Then I found some pretty flower barrettes to go with it. This morning I spent extra time doing her hair and used all kinds of products on it to make it look nice. Her hair is notoriously messy, even 10 minutes after I do her hair it looks terrible again. But her teachers said that her pictures are super cute.

Zach called the bank yesterday to find out if we could get the RV before we closed on the house. They decided that we can't. :( But as soon as we close on the house they said to fax them the closing papers and they'll accept those and approve the loan. So we are planning on moving into one of those extended stay hotels for a week until we get the loan approved and pick out an RV.

We could have tried another bank, but decided that God had the power to make them say yes and chose not to, so for some reason we were meant to wait. We hope that the RV we have picked out now is still there when we go back next month, but if not then it isn't the one we are meant to have. So we will pick a different one out then. God knows which one we are supposed to have. We are just making sure not to make any decisions without praying about it first.

So now we need to keep going through our junk and are having another garage sale this weekend. My desk is sold and there has been some interest in our stools, chair, tv and washer and dryer. Someone Zach works with is buying our futon and a dresser and someone else he works with is taking the other dresser. It's coming together nicely so far.

Until next time.....

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