Wednesday, September 30, 2009

An Offer

The offer is here!!!!!!!!

I just got the offer on the house in my e-mail. It's a good offer too. So now we get together with our realtor tomorrow and sign and get this whole process underway!!! Tomorrow night we are headed in to town to look at a couple of RV's. We found one we really like. Well, we've had a couple picked out but this one is a 2004 and I have some big plans for it. :)

God truly is amazing. We've been waiting so long for this to happen. Seeing his timing is beautiful. If he had allowed it to sell sooner we wouldn't have met our new friends who want to help in the ministry Zach wants to start. We wouldn't have lowered our wants in the RV and would have spent way too much on it.

The girl wants to close on it November 3. That is just over a month away!!!!! We need to get really busy selling off some stuff. :) I am in such a daze right now. I am going to be making our last mortgage payment tomorrow. We've waited so long for this, now I am terrified. :) There is so much to do.

We will keep praying that everything goes smoothly for the rest of the process. I'm sure there will be some more nail biting moments, but I'm grateful for this breath of relief we have now.

Monday, September 28, 2009

BIG STEPS!!!!!!!

It's been about a month since I posted anything. Sorry.

Let me see....we bought the truck to pull the fifth wheel with. It's a 1995 Dodge 3500 Duely. It is HUGE!!!!! It's an old work truck, but Zach has been working on the interior and a little on the exterior. It is looking so much better than when we first bought it. He seems to like it (it's no Mustang though).

I'm sitting here typing this as I wait for our realtor to call with an offer on our house. :) A girl (she has to be around my age, so she is a girl still) came and looked at it on Friday and she liked it. Then she came back on Saturday and looked at it again. She was going to put an offer on our house or a town house in on Saturday, but she wanted to talk to her bank one more time before she did. Her realtor called ours on Saturday though and told her that we would be getting an offer on our house today!!!!! :) It's so exciting. It's been on the market for 14 months. We are just praying that everything goes smoothly with the rest of the sale.

So now we need to get rid of more stuff. So much more to get rid of. As soon as we get a timeline of when she wants to take possession of the house, we can start selling the big stuff, like the TV and stand, washer and dryer, beds, couch, chair, dressers, stools and my desk. That's about all the big stuff we have left.

We started a new church in PSJ and love it. We miss our old church and friends there, but the new church is so much closer to our house that I don't dread heading to church.

God is so amazing. We've been to this new church 4 times. Yesterday there was a new man there. He and his wife are moving here from Texas to work in ministry. The church asked for volunteers to help him unload his moving truck, so Zach and I went to help (he only lives about 3 minutes away), afterwards we were talking with him and the pastor and Zach mentioned a ministry he wanted to do which is car maintenance for the elderly and people who don't have the money to do it themselves. After we were done moving, I invited the new guy to come eat dinner with us (his wife is still in Texas). While we were eating dinner he asked Zach more about the car ministry (that is one of the ministries God had laid on his to do when he got here, he just didn't know how get it going) and offered to pay for the supplies to do this ministry. What a blessing!!!!!!!

He also told us he owns some more property that has a carport on it made to park an RV under. It has electrical hookups, but he's not sure if it has water and sewer hookups on it. He said that if it does we can park our RV there. It's so beautiful to sit back and see how God is working this. He's the conductor to a beautiful orchestra that is our lives serving him.

Until next time.......