Thursday, October 29, 2009


This post really has nothing to do with our adventure.  It's a prayer request. 

We have some friends at the church we go to in Panama City that are going through a tragic time right now.  Their two oldest children were walking to the bus stop with the mom and they ran out in front of a car and were hit.  The six year old little girl, Julie, was killed and the nine year old boy, Micheal,  is in critical condition.  Their mom had to witness her babies going through this.  All of the children already at the bus stop had to watch this too.  Please pray for God to send His peace to everyone this has touched. 

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Rain rain go away come again another day.  It's raining today.  But my plants have been terribly neglected by me lately so they are probably pretty happy at the moment. 

We are moving our stuff into a storage unit on Saturday (I hope it's not raining then).  We're going to be sleeping here Satuday night and moving into the hotel on Sunday.  We figured that's one less night we have to pay for.  :)   After church on Sunday we'll come back here and clean, that way it's nice a pretty for the girl who's buying it. 

Today I'm staying home and working on laundry.  We are delivering our washer and dryer to the girl who is buying them, so I'm trying to make sure all of it's done before then.  The problem is I HATE DOING LAUNDRY!!!!!!!  I'm ok at the washing and drying.  It's the folding and puting away that I have issues with.  At least now the puting away consists of leaving them in the laundry baskets (because we have no dressers).  I think going to the laundry mat will be good for me.  It will force me to do it all at once, and living in the rv I'll have to put it all away because there will be no room to leave it laying around.

About 90% of the house is packed up.  I packed most of the kitchen today.  I can't pack the pots and pans because we still need to eat the rest of the week, but the dishes are packed and we'll just use paper plates until we settle down again.  As close as we are to moving it doesn't seem as though we'll get it all done.  But I know we will, some of it just has to wait until Friday to get done.  It's that stuff that is causing me stress now.

So now I need to go and do some more packing and cleaning. 

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Day 87

You know what is really irritating??? When you buy something and it's already broken or messed up. That has happened to us twice this week.

First I ordered our new dishes (we sold our old stoneware ones and got lighter more durable Corelle), they arrived two days before they were scheduled to.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Day 85

We move one week from tomorrow!!!!! I don't know whether I'm :) or :( about it. Part of me is so excited, but the other part of me is so terrified.

The closing is on a Tuesday. I volunteer at our church on Tuesday mornings. Zach has that whole day off, so he is going to come with me that morning and we have the closing that afternoon.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Day 80

My mother-in-law asked us for a family picture to use for the Christmas card this year. We never had one taken this summer when Gavin was here, so I made this for her. ^^^^^^^^^^^^ I hope it works. I like it, I think my kids look pretty darn cute. :)
Do you know what happens when you complain that you want fall??? You skip fall and go straight to winter. Last week we were in the high 90's and the past three days it's been so cold. This morning it was 39 degrees. That my friends is cold.

Other than the weather things are going good. We are on day 80 and on day 78 we put a reserve on an rv. :) This is the first one we looked at and it's the one we kept coming back too. Plus the dealership is adding a hitch and a brake assist to the deal. So we are moving right along with it. Now we just have to wait until closing to do the financing. It's so exciting.

We were going to have another garage sale this past weekend, but chickend out because it was cold. So now we have to have one this weekend. It's our last weekend living here. :O It's hard to believe that.

Friday, October 16, 2009

A Phone Call

Sitting here minding my own business when my phone rings. Who could that be, I don't recognize the number. HMMM??? I answer it and am surprised to learn that it's the closing agent wanting the information to get the pay off on our mortgage. AHHHHH!!!!!! I'm not ready for this stuff. It's happening too quick.

Two days ago I opened my mailbox to see what kinds of presents the mail lady brought us. Apparently we aren't the only ones receiving mail here now. There was a piece addressed to the girl who's buying our house. Boy was I not ready to see that either. I about had a heart attack. That's just crazy. Talk about pushing someone out the door.

What on earth are we doing??? This is the house we wanted. Blood, sweat and tears went into getting this house built. Living in a run down, leaky, buggy house while we built this one. And now we are just up and leaving. CRAZINESS must have set in. That or listening when we were told to do it. I'll go with the listening one.

We are learning that when you listen and then follow through on what you were told to do, things fall into place. Is it easy?? Not a chance. It seems to get harder and harder. Is it exciting??? Sure is. We are so excited, it's an adventure. I'm tired of being sedentary, it's time to live.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Good Morning. :)

There seems to be too much and not enough time all at once. We have so much left to do that it doesn't seem as if we'll get it done before we close. But at the same time the closing feels forever away still.

We still have a few things to sell, the TV and stand, stools, a chair and our beds. All of our other big things are gone. That's good, but I'm getting concerned we won't be able to get rid of the last few big items. We have a couple of boxes of small junk left. This weekend is supposed to be cooler, so I'm thinking it might be a good time to have one last garage sale and whatever we have left at the end of it will get donated somewhere.

We haven't even started packing. I think I'll start next week. Two weeks should be enough time to do it all. We don't have that much left anyway. :) I could probably get it done in one week, but I want a few days to really clean everything.

But at the same time, we can't get the rv until we close on the house and everyday we wait there is the chance someone else will swoop in and get it. The salesman we are working with sent us a message this weekend saying it made it through this week. :) It was cute. But if this rv is the one God wants us to have it will still be there.

Waiting has never been a strong point in me. But I am getting much better at it. Now you can too. You have to wait until I get another blog wrote to hear more.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Doing What Is Right

The reality of what we're doing is starting to set in. I'm getting so emotional about everything now it's ridiculous. It's like a deep dark cloud has come over me and I can't get any light through it. I know that it's the right thing to do, because it isn't easy. The right things never are.

I've been reading my favorite full time rv forum all morning. I read some of these stories about why people are full timing. Most chose to so that they could travel and see the country. But a few are doing it because they don't really have any other option. Illness, job loss or other circumstances beyond their control have pushed them to the point that they can no longer afford to live in their homes, so they move into their rv's, or sell off all their posessions so they can afford to buy one because they know they are going to lose their house soon.

It's their stories that remind me of why we're doing this. The ones that even though they did all the things right, they watched helplessly as their lives fell apart. Or the ones who never got to see their lives come together because they just couldn't catch a break.

God put us here to help each other. The world tells us that we need to help ourselves first. But if we take care of each other, God will take care of us. I know that if God had done things the way we wanted him to, we never would have learned this lesson. Not to the point that we have.

I think it's something we all say and think, but when it comes down to it we expect someone else to do it. Not us, God doesn't expect us to buy groceries for the family who's dad just lost his job, or that single mom who is working two jobs just to make ends meet. That's what the government or church is for. There are special groups that do those kinds of things. We don't have to do that. We'll just pray that those groups stay around, yeah those are nice groups.

Don't get me wrong, those groups are really good, but what's so difficult about picking up an extra bag of groceries and dropping it off at someone's house??? Or if you know of someone who could use some help fixing up their house or fixing their car why not volunteer to come help them??

These are the things we should be doing for each other. Don't expect someone else to take care of it, if we all think like that, then no one will stand up and do what's right.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Not Yet

Yesterday I dropped Autumn off at therapy and headed to Target. As I was walking in the door I got a text from Autumn's teacher saying that today was going to be picture day. One days notice??? So since I was already at Target I ran to the little girls section and found her a new shirt. Then I found some pretty flower barrettes to go with it. This morning I spent extra time doing her hair and used all kinds of products on it to make it look nice. Her hair is notoriously messy, even 10 minutes after I do her hair it looks terrible again. But her teachers said that her pictures are super cute.

Zach called the bank yesterday to find out if we could get the RV before we closed on the house. They decided that we can't. :( But as soon as we close on the house they said to fax them the closing papers and they'll accept those and approve the loan. So we are planning on moving into one of those extended stay hotels for a week until we get the loan approved and pick out an RV.

We could have tried another bank, but decided that God had the power to make them say yes and chose not to, so for some reason we were meant to wait. We hope that the RV we have picked out now is still there when we go back next month, but if not then it isn't the one we are meant to have. So we will pick a different one out then. God knows which one we are supposed to have. We are just making sure not to make any decisions without praying about it first.

So now we need to keep going through our junk and are having another garage sale this weekend. My desk is sold and there has been some interest in our stools, chair, tv and washer and dryer. Someone Zach works with is buying our futon and a dresser and someone else he works with is taking the other dresser. It's coming together nicely so far.

Until next time.....

Friday, October 2, 2009

It's a Beautiful Day

Hello all, today is a beautiful day. It's about 78 degrees out and just gorgeous. It's one of those days that makes you want to be outside even if you really have stuff inside to do. I had to work on my basil plant a little earlier, so that was my excuse to enjoy some of the beautiful weather.

So we accepted the offer on the house. Closing is set at November 3, we didn't change that. But now we have to get the rest of this stuff gone. We had someone lined up to buy our dressers, but they have since backed out, so that's one more thing to do. Oh well, Craigslist here we come!!!!!

When we started going through our stuff earlier I planned on getting rid of my stand mixer. I didn't want to bring it into the RV because it's heavy and big (well not huge, but bigger than a hand mixer). But it hasn't sold and I got it out about a week ago. I've since decided that I can not part with it right now. I've wanted one since I was 10 years old, and now that I have it I don't think I need to get rid of it. I'll make it fit. :)

My biggest project I need to do is to start going through Autumn's stuff. It's the one thing I have been really really puting off. She loves all of her toys so much that it's going to be hard to get rid of most of them. I am going to buy her a pink (or purple) rubbermaid container this weekend to put the toys in that we are keeping.

I still haven't decided what to do with her Precious Moments figures. I don't think I can sell them, but I don't know where they will fit in the RV. Maybe that's one thing that will have to be packed up and put in storage at someone's house. I don't want to keep a lot of stuff in storage, hopefully just one box (and my wedding dress) of little figures like that and my pictures that aren't on the computer. That's my goal anyway.

We looked at a couple RV's last night. We really (really really) liked one we looked at. It was a 41' toy hauler. It was so roomy that it had an island in the kitchen!!!! It was HUGE! We really considered buying it, but alas it was more than we want to spend and amazingly Zach was the one who grounded us on it. That's usually me, but he came through first and said he didn't think we should do it.

So we are going to check on financing the one we originally went to see last night. It's a 30' fifth wheel. Not nearly as big, but it's more like what we want to spend. I can't see spending $40,000 on one when we are supposed to be humbling ourselves and simplifying our lives to be able to give more money to those who are less fortunate than us. It's kind of backwards if we go out and buy the biggest and best one we can find.

That's where we are now. It's hard to believe that it's actually happening. We've been waiting so long that there were some times I didn't think this would ever happen. But here it is, and we are so excited to do it. It's so great that we both have the same dreams. I love my life. :)