Sunday, October 18, 2009

Day 80

My mother-in-law asked us for a family picture to use for the Christmas card this year. We never had one taken this summer when Gavin was here, so I made this for her. ^^^^^^^^^^^^ I hope it works. I like it, I think my kids look pretty darn cute. :)
Do you know what happens when you complain that you want fall??? You skip fall and go straight to winter. Last week we were in the high 90's and the past three days it's been so cold. This morning it was 39 degrees. That my friends is cold.

Other than the weather things are going good. We are on day 80 and on day 78 we put a reserve on an rv. :) This is the first one we looked at and it's the one we kept coming back too. Plus the dealership is adding a hitch and a brake assist to the deal. So we are moving right along with it. Now we just have to wait until closing to do the financing. It's so exciting.

We were going to have another garage sale this past weekend, but chickend out because it was cold. So now we have to have one this weekend. It's our last weekend living here. :O It's hard to believe that.
 So this Saturday we will be having our final garage sale. Whatever doesn't sell then will be donated to the Goodwill.

That means this week I will get the last of our stuff together for it, then next week it's all about packing and cleaning. Then that next Saturday we will be moving out. We will have to be in a hotel for a week, so we are going to be asking a friend to let us keep our stuff at his house for the week. It's only a week, so it shouldn't be a problem. (I hope)

We were talking last night and I said that I keep thinking it's starting to hit me that it's really happening, but then something else happens and it hits me even more. Zach said that it won't fully hit us until we leave and can't come back. I think he's right. I hadn't even had those words come into my mind yet, "Can't come back". Just thinking them is making a knot in my throat.

No matter how hard this is, I know it's worth it. Whatever you do for God is always worth it. You might not get the praise you think you deserve, when you think you deserve it, but you are storing up your riches in heaven. God will reward you when you get there.


  1. The "you can't come back" part hit me hard the LAST time I pulled out of our driveway in Lynn Haven. I couldn't believe I would not be able to go back to that house. Even though it hadn't actually sold yet, it wasn't ours any more. God had already sold it for us. It was a very sad and tearful moment and I was grateful only Philip was around to see it!

  2. Tonya, that was me, Carrie, by the way! :o) Never commented on a blog before!

  3. I knew it was you as soon as I saw Lynn Haven. Darn it. Now thinking about when you left has me in tears. :(