Friday, October 16, 2009

A Phone Call

Sitting here minding my own business when my phone rings. Who could that be, I don't recognize the number. HMMM??? I answer it and am surprised to learn that it's the closing agent wanting the information to get the pay off on our mortgage. AHHHHH!!!!!! I'm not ready for this stuff. It's happening too quick.

Two days ago I opened my mailbox to see what kinds of presents the mail lady brought us. Apparently we aren't the only ones receiving mail here now. There was a piece addressed to the girl who's buying our house. Boy was I not ready to see that either. I about had a heart attack. That's just crazy. Talk about pushing someone out the door.

What on earth are we doing??? This is the house we wanted. Blood, sweat and tears went into getting this house built. Living in a run down, leaky, buggy house while we built this one. And now we are just up and leaving. CRAZINESS must have set in. That or listening when we were told to do it. I'll go with the listening one.

We are learning that when you listen and then follow through on what you were told to do, things fall into place. Is it easy?? Not a chance. It seems to get harder and harder. Is it exciting??? Sure is. We are so excited, it's an adventure. I'm tired of being sedentary, it's time to live.

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