Wednesday, September 30, 2009

An Offer

The offer is here!!!!!!!!

I just got the offer on the house in my e-mail. It's a good offer too. So now we get together with our realtor tomorrow and sign and get this whole process underway!!! Tomorrow night we are headed in to town to look at a couple of RV's. We found one we really like. Well, we've had a couple picked out but this one is a 2004 and I have some big plans for it. :)

God truly is amazing. We've been waiting so long for this to happen. Seeing his timing is beautiful. If he had allowed it to sell sooner we wouldn't have met our new friends who want to help in the ministry Zach wants to start. We wouldn't have lowered our wants in the RV and would have spent way too much on it.

The girl wants to close on it November 3. That is just over a month away!!!!! We need to get really busy selling off some stuff. :) I am in such a daze right now. I am going to be making our last mortgage payment tomorrow. We've waited so long for this, now I am terrified. :) There is so much to do.

We will keep praying that everything goes smoothly for the rest of the process. I'm sure there will be some more nail biting moments, but I'm grateful for this breath of relief we have now.

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