Monday, August 10, 2009

Recipes and Pictures

Goodmor (trip, ouch....stupid thing). Let's try that again, I forgot to put my soapbox away after my last post and stubbed my toe on it. Goodmorning. I hope you are all doing well today. Yesterday was Sunday. We didn't do anything to get ready for our adventure.

We did go to church and had a wonderful guest speaker. Then we went and had some lunch and Zach got a haircut. Then it was home for a nap. That was soooo wonderful. Then before we knew it it was time to go back to town for church last night, we didn't make it. We ended up staying home and hanging out as a family. Zach went back to work today and that was our last time to just be us before today. It was nice.

At our sale on Saturday we had a very nice lady interested in one of our twin beds. She called this morning and wants to pick it up tomorrow. That's good because it means that we will be able to move my desk down to Gavin's room and turn it into an office. Right now our living room is really crowded having my overly large desk in here.

She also said that she is bringing a friend and maybe her mom with her and they want to look and see whatever else we have for sale and might buy some more stuff. Let's hope that they want to buy a house too. ;)

Today I'm going to work on copying recipes onto the computer into the right format. I want all of my recipes to match, then I'm going to print them and put them into plastic sleeves and orgainze them according to what kind of recipe it is (raw, gfcf, low-carb, etc....).

I also need to get pictures organized. Autumn has therapy today, so I'm not going to have all day to work on this stuff. Hopefully I can get a good amount done before we leave. Wish me luck. :)

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