Friday, August 7, 2009

Helping Others

Today is the end of our first week. We have made awesome progress on our house. All the stuff that we have gotten through and priced for our first garage sale tomorrow!!!! Well, only half of the stuff is priced. The rest we are going to sit down tonight and price. We still haven't gone through everything, and we already have Gavin's closet and floor filled with stuff to sell. So if you want more stuff PLEASE come to our sales and take all of our junk and put it in your house. ;)

I'm still working on typing out the recipes that I want to keep. (I say that I'm working on it but really I haven't done any since yesterday afternoon.) There are sooooo many of them though. The stack of books is sitting beside me at this very moment, but am I doing it??? Noooo. That would be the responsible thing to do and well at the moment I want to be a little irresponsible. :)

We hadn't talked about what kind of helping others we wanted to do when we get our bills paid off. We know we will have extra money and we don't want to spend it on ourselves, so we needed to figure out where we would focus on helping. I knew what I wanted to do, but since we hadn't talked about it I had no idea what Zach was thinking. So I asked him today and he said that he thinks we should check into the homeless shelters by our next base and see what they need. That is exactly what God had laid on my heart too. So I think God showed us our focus. What I'm thinking I want to do is to make quilts and donate them. I have no idea how to make quilts, so maybe I should learn that first.

So now I need to go and be somewhat responsible and add a few more recipes to my computer. Zach is working on dinner and Autumn is watching Spongebob. She loves Spongebob.

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