Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Clean, Clean and Clean Some More

So we didn't end up going to NC afterall. We have a lot to get done here and this is Zach's last week off before he goes back to work. We have to get our microwave fixed and we have to take it in this week. We also have some chores that we've been putting off for a long time, but now we are getting super serious about getting rid of the house, so it's time to get them done. Zach just got done pressure washing the house. It looks really really good.

Earlier we removed the original caulk around our kitchen sink and counters and re-caulked them (the builders did a horrible job). We still need to paint a few areas that we messed up a little when we took the old caulk off though. Then the kitchen is done. Well we still need to get the microwave fixed, but then the kitchen is done. It never seems to end sometimes.

I finished cleaning and waxing my kitchen sink. Yes, I waxed my kitchen sink. It looks really good and the water just beads on it now. Then I cleaned the bottom of our shower. It's textured and I've tried and tried to get the dirty look off of it. Nothing has worked, and for the past year our showers have been clean, but looked dirty. Well today I tried something I should have tried at the beginning, Softscrub with bleach. Now the bottom of our shower looks awesome. :) I'm considering waxing it, but I'm afraid it will be too slippery. Tomorrow I'm going to tackle the kids bathtub.

As far as making progress on getting the RV, we have to call the owner of the company on Thursday. He is gone until then. But he really likes the area our house is at (most people do, including us). So we're just going to sit back and let God take care of things, doing what he asks us to do as we go.

I think later tonight I'm going to go through more of my stuff. We are hoping to have a garage sale this Saturday and we need more stuff to sell at it. So off to do more work on this fine day.

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