Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Quick question. Do you know what happens when you sell your shower curtain before your house??? You have to go and buy a new one. Yep, we are selling everything and a lady asked about our downstairs bathroom stuff, then she bought it all. Well now we have a very serious lead coming to look at the house this weekend and we had to go and buy a new shower curtain for downstairs. Not one of my better ideas.

Zach had yesterday off and we moved the desk from the living room down to Gavin's room. It's now considered the office for the time being. So I am sitting with my laptop on the floor of my living room connected to all the stupid wires I need to use the internet. Yes I know that we could make it wireless, but that involves spending money on a piece of equipment that we would only use for another couple of months. I don't see how that's a good idea. So I will just sit on the floor for the next few months. That's not really a good idea either, but it's free.

I'm lost when it comes to spending my days now that Autumn is back in school. Friday I know that I am cleaning like a crazy lady again. The lady who's coming to look at the house really likes it. She has waited a whole month to and is driving two hours to see it. I want the house to look it's best so when she sees it she will want it even more. Our microwave is still at the repair shop, but we will just explain that when it gets fixed it will be back in it's position.

We are pretty sure we found a truck. It's a crappy looking work truck, but it runs great and is really cheap. I think we're going to get it this week and then Zach is heading to the junk yard to get seats and a headliner for it. It is cosmetically in rough shape, but with some love I think it will be great for us.

Still moving forward on the adventure, just a lot slower than I want to be. It's discouraging sometimes, but I know we will get there.

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