Monday, August 24, 2009

Day 24

Good morning friends. Today is day 24 of our adventure. It's not been very adventerous thus far. Actually it's been rather boring. But we are supposed to have someone come look at the house this week/weekend. AND she is extremely interested in it. So we will keep praying that this is the one we have been waiting for. :)

Zach has had a few bites on the Mustang, but none that want to pay for it. They all want it for $1000 or more under what we are asking, and we are even asking under blue book to start with. Helpful hint: if someone is selling a car and it's already priced low, DO NOT be surprised if you offer $1000 or more under what they are asking and they tell you not a chance. There is a lady coming to look at it Tuesday. And we have an offer of trading with a guy for his truck. Zach is going to pursue the latter of the two today.

We went to the church garage sale on Saturday. That went really well. We got rid of 75% of the junk we took. I wasn't there for most of it, I spent my Saturday sitting in the walk-in clinic for a medical issue. But Zach and Autumn had a great time selling all kinds of stuff. Our Christmas tree and ornaments, our dishes, a bunch of random things. It was good. We made decent money too. I don't know if we'll be able to have on this Saturday, depends on when the lady wants to see the house.

We have people lined up that want to buy our dressers and our futon. That is awesome. As soon as we have an accepted offer on the house we are putting our tv, the tv stand, counter stools, our beds, Autumn's dresser and her toy box all up for sale too. Right now I am more than willing to part with the desk, chair and hampers.

So 24 days in and even though it seems like we haven't accomplished a lot, I know we have done as much as we can do until the house sells. I just wish this stuff could happen sooooo much faster, but all in God's time.

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