Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Buyer and Junk

Yesterday was a great day. We were at home when a realtor stopped by. Our contract with our realtor was up on Monday, but this realtor wanted to show our house the day before that (Sunday). Our realtor refused to take her call and would not show our house!!!! Since we are no longer under contract with our realtor, this realtor offered to do a one time showing where she only takes 3 points.

The lady that wanted to look at our house really really wants it. They saw the pics online and she looked at four other houses, but none of them fit what she needs. She has a VA loan and only our house and one other fit in her budget and are VA approved. The other one is in a bad spot and not new like ours. She told her realtor, that ours is the one she wants. The only downside is that she lives in Tallahassee and won't be able to come back to see it until the 29. But that does give us time to get all this work done in it and have several garage sales so that it's more cleared out. So please pray that this is what God has been having us wait for.

Other than that, we have just been busy going through all of our stuff. Zach and I got through all of our clothes. That was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I also went through all the beauty products that we women love to buy, but rarely get around to using more than once or twice. So now my bathroom looks really really empty. :)

I'm also going through all my cookbooks and typing the recipes out that I want. Then I'm going to sell the books themselves. This is turning out to be the hardest one of all. Recipes are my thing. Everyone has a thing, and recipes are mine. I LOVE RECIPES!!!!!!

I'm loving this getting rid of "stuff". It's very liberating knowing that we won't be responsible for all of this junk. JUNK JUNK JUNK!!!!!! Honestly does anybody really need three sets of kitchen utensils???? Or five sets of tools??? The scary part is that we've only been married about five years and when we first got married we only had a 13" tv, two surround sound systems, a blow up air mattress, two frying pans and our clothes. We had absolutely nothing, and somehow we've managed to accumulate a house full and then some in less than five years. Imagine how much we would have in five more years!!!! It's crazy all of the stuff that we think we "need".

We are still researching our new home. Everytime we think we have it picked out, we find another one that we love too. Luckily Autumn thinks that looking at RV's is the coolest thing ever. She is always so excited when are. That gives me hope that she will see this as one big adventure too.

Now I'm going to type out some recipes and maybe shower. It's kinda late, but I'm still in my jammies. :)

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