Thursday, January 7, 2010

Weather and Covenants

Hello friends.  Today is a beautiful day. The weather is absolutely gorgeous, it's about 58 degrees and that is the warmest it's been in more than a week.  Here in Sunny Florida we've been getting into the teens at night and not over the 30's in the day.  It's been down right cold.  All you northerners think that's not so bad, but please remember that you actually own winter coats, we Floridians however do not.  This isn't normal and I don't like it. 

I was born and raised in Northern Indiana, so I know cold.  But alas these bones have gotten so used to the warm that I can't take much more of this cold stuff.  It looks like if we can make it through Sunday we should be ok, today's warmth is a fluke.  We are supposed to get cold again through Sunday and then the weather channel is saying we will warm up again.  I sure hope so.

Other than the weather things have been good except two days ago we woke up to no water in the RV because our hose outside had frozen overnight.  So now we are taking better precautions.  Zach goes outside everynight and undoes it from the RV and pipes, then he drains it out so no water will be left in it to freeze.  Then in the morning he goes and reattaches everything.  He's such a wonderful husband.  I love him.

Today was my first day back at the cookhouse in two weeks.  We closed for the Christmas and New Year holiday time.  It was so good to be back and working again.  I missed it so much.  We had a great time being all together again.  We even had a new lady come and volunteer today.  YAY!!!!!

So for the new year has everyone made resolutions????  And how many of you have broken them already???  I've made several and they aren't really resolutions, they are more like covenants with God.  My main goal this year is to care less about what the world thinks of me and more about what God thinks of me.  Because when you think about it he's the only one that really matters.  I want to become more of the person he wants me to be and less of the person I am.  I love him and want to show the world that.

So I'm not going to share my covenants right now.  Maybe as the year goes and I need support with them I will, but for now I'm keeping them to me and God.  Well  my husband knows them too, but even he's not allowed to read my prayer journal.  It's me between me and my Daddy in heaven.

So I'll part with you for now.  But I'll hopefully write again tomorrow.

Don't be concerned for your own good but for the good of others.  1 Corinthians 10:24

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