Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Point

Good morning.  I woke up today and said that it was going to be a good day.  Then everything started going wrong.  Zach is in a bad mood because he is in some pain, then we blew a fuse in the rv for some of the lights, so I have to find the right kind of fuse and some needle nose pliers to change it.  After that I got Autumn to school and came home to get ready.  I get all ready and come down to do laundry and there is a line waiting for the washers and dryers.  I think most of my free time will be spent here.  I'm glad I brought my laptop with me. 

So I was thinking after my last post that it didn't have much to do with our adventure.  I started feeling all bad about it thinking that I wasn't staying true to my blog.  Then I realized that it has everything to do with our adventure.  The whole reason we are doing this is to get away from the consumerism lifestyle that is so prevalent in America now.  So when I write about how I see things like that, it has everything to do with our adventure. 

I am already changing how I view things.  Before I can buy something at the store I have to ask myself if I really need it.  Space is such an issue.  I have to go grocery shopping one or two days at a time.  It's a really big change to get used to.  But the bonus of that is we don't have nearly as much food spoilage.  We don't buy a bunch of stuff that we forget about and then not use. 

So hopefully I will be able to write more and you will understand why I write what I write.  I hope that even if you don't agree with me you at least see my point. 

Until next time.....

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