Friday, January 8, 2010


Two posts, two days in a row.  I'm on a roll.  :)    Yesterday I said how wonderful the weather was, well today as promised it's cold and yucky out again.  :(    Oh well, we knew it was coming. 

Zach and I were talking last night, I was washing my face (gotta take off all that pretty make-up before bed) and he was getting ready for bed , and I mentioned that the RV feels like home.  He said that he agrees, it feels more like home than anywhere we've ever lived.  It's so strange in this country to imagine how someone could be happy living in 300 square feet, but we do. 

We were watching the house hunting shows on HGTV last night and I get so irritated at people when it's just two people looking for a four or five bedroom house (why on earth do they need all that space for two people?????).  Then when they realize that the house they want is at the top of their price range or even out of it, they go ahead and get it anyway.  Do you think maybe you are contributing to the problem this country is having with foreclosures.  When you get a house you can barely afford, then the bank takes it because you couldn't make your payments anymore, don't complain.  You did it to yourself.  Yes, the banks shouldn't have given you that much money, but you should have known better than to take it. 

Don't even get me started on the realtors that show them houses that they can't afford.  Then when no one can sell houses because everyone is foreclosing they wonder what happened.  Maybe you should show them houses in their price range.  Everyone wants to blame everyone else, but no one wants to take responsibility for their part.

Anyway, a home is not what you live in, it's wherever you make it.  You could be at home in a tent, you could be at home under a bridge.  If you have Jesus in you and in your life, then wherever you are will be home.  When you walk into someones home and it's comfortable and inviting, Jesus is there.  He is all that is good and without him then it's just an empty shell.

Now that I've probably offended a lot of people (I really don't care though, people in this country get offended if you sneeze the wrong way), tomorrow is Autumn's 4th birthday.  She is such a big girl now.  I don't know how I feel about her turning 4.  Part of me is so happy because she is doing so well and I'm so proud of her, but the other part of me is so sad because she is my last baby and she is no longer a baby.  :(   We are not having a party for her, she has made a lot of progress, but still doesn't do great at parties and the last thing we want to do is overwhelm her.  Zach has to work tomorrow, so we are going to eat lunch with him and then I am going to take her to the girls high school basketball game.  She loves going to them, so we thought that it would be a great ending to her birthday.

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  1. your comment.."Anyway, a home is not what you live in, it's wherever you make it. " could not be truer... my wife and I hope to full time soon and leave our 2400 sq ft behind.