Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wanting What You Can't Have

Do you ever buy something BIG and then not very far down the road find something better for almost the same amount of money???  What do you do then??  If you're like me you kick yourself a little and get somewhat irritated, but then realize that there is nothing you can do to change it and life goes on. 

Autumn has an hour and a half of therapy on Mondays so Zach and I headed over to the RV dealership to look around at some different RV's.  We have decided that before we move to our next base we have to buy a different RV.  Ours does not have a polar package in it and since pretty much every other base we will go to will be colder than here we decided that it is a necessity.  But we need to get this one paid down quite a bit before we are willing to trade it in.  So we like to go look to keep our eyes on the prize. 

Anyway, we were walking around looking and happened to find the exact kind of fifth wheel we want for a ridiculously cheap price.  It's a 2007, but it looks brand new.  GRRRRRR!!!!!!!  We didn't buy one to begin with because they are so expensive, but this one we could afford easily.  It's frustrating, but we will survive.

So that's a little lesson for us in being happy with what you have.  We still are going to trade ours in before we move, but that is more of a necessity than a vanity thing.  It is hard to keep that thing warm. 

Until next time......

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  1. Wow, what a refreshing blog. I found it on a link from someone else's blog. We have some things in common and wish you the best as you move into the new phase of your life.