Monday, December 21, 2009

Good afternoon. I hope things are well with you. Autumn and I went to Tennessee this weekend to get Gavin for Christmas break. My mom and sister brought him down and we spent the weekend with them there. It was a nice visit, but I was happy to come home. 

We told Gavin about moving into the rv and he is pretty excited about it.  We will be staying in it tomorrow and hopefully the next day too. We haven't stayed in it yet, so it will be our maiden voyage. Everyone is really excited.

I am listening to the kids playing in here right now and I am starting to second guess living here. ;)  There will be no where to hide from them at.

I think we have everything we need to start our lives in here. It's kinda hard to believe we are so close to living in here.  I will update after our first voyage and let you know how it went.  

Until then.....

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